NEN Inspections

NEN standard.

According to the law, you as an employer are obliged to ensure that your personnel can work safely, this of course also applies to self-employed persons.

Your tools, installations and portable climbing equipment must therefore comply with the statutory NEN standards.

Electric hand tools must comply with the NEN-3140 standard. Portable climbing equipment must meet the NEN-2484 and NEN 1004 standards.

These standards may only be performed by a recognized judge.

NEN certificate.

All electrical hand tools approved by us, portable climbing materials are given a unique engraved number. If your device or portable climbing equipment has already been inspected, we will use the existing unique number.

If your device or portable climbing equipment is approved, you will receive an official certificate with the inspection results, as well as the name of the judge and his signature. This certificate is delivered to usb stick so that you always have all the relevant data at hand, we will also send you the inspection certificate of the inspector and the calibration report of the used test device.

If your device or portable climbing material does not comply the inspection, we will discuss with you what the next step will be. The rejected material will then be provided with a reject sticker.

Of course we can also carry out all repairs.

Inspection sticker.

All certified electrical appliances receive an inspection sticker stating that this device has been inspected in accordance with the NEN standard and for which date it must be inspected again.

Inspection interval.

The inspection interval depends on a number of factors, this is determined by a risk analysis.

On average this is once a year.

Our inspectors are authorized to determine this risk analysis and thus also the inspection interval.


Your devices and / or portable climbing materials are included in our Periodic Inspection System (PKS), which means that when the inspection date approaches you will receive a notification from us to make an appointment for the next inspection.

This way you are always assured of up-to-date NEN inspections of your devices.

All our inspections are time recordings and no rights can be derived from this.

Our judges are skilled to the inspecting materials and make them unusable.

All materials to be tested must be clean, for cleaning costs we are never incorrect.