Special projects.

blaster rifle to go with samurai stormtrooper

custom designed blaster rifle.

Samurai stormtrooper suit.

Samurai suit, is made entirely of 1 mm aluminum plate,

there is as little use as possible of glue or screws.

all the aluminum is riveted together with nails or tied together with leather strips,

just like the samurai would do.

prototype ledstick.

prototype ledstick,


designed for a photographer with whom light drawings can be made.  

the LEDs are per 5 on/off, the color and intensity can be adjusted with the buttons on the handle

USB connection for a power pack to make it light and easy to use.

build of custom pulsar rifle for a movie.

Backpack build for the lead actress from the movie Rekindle.

Build of the armpiece to go with the backpack for the lead actress of the movie Rekindle.

Few pictures from the movieset, and lead actress.

Lightsaber with light and sound.

Custom build Anakin's lightsaber. Color change to green,bleu or red.

build of the legandary DL-18 blaster replica.

prototyping some movie props.


Custom build of a paludarium with custom inserts.

ironman full body armor, custom fit.